Message from UAW Region 2B Retired Workers Council Chairman


If you did not sign or were not asked to sign a retiree voluntary dues checkoff card when you retired, it is not too late to do so. Retirees are the most populated and active group in the labor movement. Our monthly meetings provide a source of fellowship, as well as information on our benefits, current events and issues that may affect you and your family.
The officers of retired workers chapters are not compensated for their time, nor are the many volunteers that help out at these meetings. However our retiree chapters cannot provide these services without your voluntary dues dollars. The record reflects that there are some retirees that are not paying any dues, others are paying $1, and most are paying $2.
The delegates at the Constitutional Convention in June voted to increase the monthly dues to $3 for new retirees. Today I am reaching out to “all” retirees to join with our new and future members in the fight to protect our retirement security and fundamental human rights. We need everyone’s financial support and your active participation to overcome the anti- retiree, anti-union forces working to dismantle Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and other senior citizen programs.
If you are not paying dues or you want to increase the amount you are currently paying, contact your local union as soon as possible. Please join the fight to protect the services and programs you and our union have fought for. Thank you in advance for your support on this very important matter.

In solidarity,
Ted Fleming, chairman