SNAP Program Cuts


  This is an open  Letter to the editor as I want to share my thoughts with our membership active and retired

   It seems that Christmas  comes earlier and  earlier every year. Well this year the Holiday season "Scrooge" has come early for some of America's poorest families.  They will find themselves with less food on the table come this holiday. November 1st brought $5 billion in new cuts to our nations food stamp program. The supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP) for poor families will lose on the average of about one weeks worth of food or meals each month.  Sadly, even more cuts are looming. The Brazen Heartlessness, House of Representatives majority is demanding $39 billion additional cuts . That's compassion  conservatism That I just just don't feel America can be proud of.  Especially since there seems to be no end to what we can sent to other countries, as we take from the most vulnerable men, women and children in this country.

  However cutting food stamps, to these self righteous Legislators seems to be an easy solutions to all that ails a failing economy.They profess that giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthiest among us, will some how create jobs and prosperity for the rest of American.  Its a called trickle down"'s more of a drip that a trickle and what's dripping on many of the poorest isn't much. But we have to keep in mind these poor soles do  not contribute a lot dollars to these politicals campaign coffers, so why not take from them !

  I think It's a sad day for America.......especially when we all want to be proud of our country this Holiday season. As we give thanks for all that's great in America this Thanksgiving, I ask that you remember our Veterans and these families in your thoughts and prayers...............Thank you ,
  In solidarity,
  Ted Fleming, Chairman
  UAW Local 211 Retired Workers Chapter