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ConstitutionConstitution as provided for by Article 38 of the Constitution of the International Union, UAW, the Executive Board is empowered to represent the Local Union between meetings of the Local Union when urgent business requires prompt and decisive action. In no case, however, may the Executive Board transact any business that may affect the vital interests of the Local Union until the approval of the membership is secured, or of the Unit Workplace Organization in the case of an Amalgamated Local Union.

As provided for by the Bylaws, Amalgamated Local 211, UAW-GM, UAW, the Executive Board meets at least once each month. Special meetings may be called by the president, or by a majority of the Executive Board petitioning for a meeting. Any member who desires to make an appeal of the Local Union's Executive Board or to have an audience with the Executive Board must make a request in writing for an appointment. All appeals to the Executive Board must be in writing. The Local Union's Executive Board appoints all organizers, directors or sub-directors of special departments of the Local Union, subject to the approval of the next regular meeting of the membership. The Executive Board assigns at least one member of the Executive Board to each committee, as outlined in the Constitution of the International Union, UAW if the Local Union is to assist the committee with their problems.

The President presides at all meetings of the Local Union, signs all orders on the treasury authorized by the Local Union, countersigns all checks issued the by the Financial Secretary against accounts of the Local Union when ordered by the Union, enforces the provisions of the Constitution and appoints committees not otherwise provided for. He is a member ex-officio of all committees.

The Vice President assists the President in the discharge of his duties and attends all sessions of the Local Union.

In part, the Recording Secretary keeps a correct record of the proceedings of the Local Union, signs all orders on the treasury authorized by the Local Union, reads allConstitution documents and conducts the general correspondence received by the Local Union which does not pertain directly to the duties of the other officers of the Local Union and keeps same on file for future reference. He brings to the attention of the membership of the Local Union any correspondence upon which the membership must take action.
In part, the Financial Secretary receives all dues, initiation fees, readmission fees, and all other income of the Local Union for any fund from any source and to give official receipts from same. He writes all checks drawn on the Local Union funds and reports in writing every month at a regular meeting of the Local Union giving the amount of monies received and paid out during the previous calendar month, divided as between the various income and expenditure classifications, and the remaining balances in the fund accounts of the Local Union. The Financial Secretary deposits all collections in banks as Local Union Trustees may direct. He keeps an inventory of all records and property of the Local Union, the same to contain, when possible date of purchase and amount paid for each article.

The Trustees have general supervision over all funds and property of the Local Union. They audit or cause to be audited by a Certified Public Accountant selected by the Local Union Executive Board, the records of the Financial Officers of the Local Union semiannually. Trustees also have the duty to see that the Financial Officers of the Union Union are bonded in conformity with the laws of the International Union. The Trustees see that all funds are deposited in a bank subject to an order signed by the President and Financial Secretary.

The Sergeant-at-Arms introduces all new members and visitors and assists the President in preserving order when called upon to do so. He must also take charge of all property of the Local Union not otherwise provided for.

The Guide maintains order, inspects the membership receipts, satisfies himself that all present are entitled to remain in the meeting of the Local Union.

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