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UAW Local 211
Our amalgamated union represents over 1,500 active members at the GM Powertrain plant in Defiance, Ohio, where they make iron block, head and crankshaft castings, as well as aluminum block and head castings. Our local union also includes over 80 members at colorant manufacturer Ferro Corp. in Stryker, Ohio; 60 members at auto parts supplier Herbert E. Orr in Paulding, Ohio; 45 skilled trades members at insulation manufacturer Johns Manville, in Defiance; 60 members at scrap metal recycler Metal Management in Defiance; 40 members at Midwest Community Federal Credit Union in Defiance, and over 200 members at parts supplier Powers and Sons in Montpelier, Ohio. Our local union has more than 3,000 retirees.
UAW Local 211 Charter
Presidents...John Shock 1949-1951, Eugene Mangas 1951-1952, Leo Wagner 1952-1953, Loren Thieroff 1953-1954, Delmar Yarrington 1954-1955, Bernard Weidenhamer (Appointed) September 1955, Andy Maulfair 1955-1956, John Shock 1956-1957, Delmar Yarrington 1957-1959, Roy Hardy (Appointed) November 1958, Harry Sanders 1959-1961, John Shock 1961-1965, Harry Sanders 1965-1967, Lloyd Page (Appointed) February 1966, John Shock 1967-1969, Nelson Ball 1969-1971, John Beatty 1971-1973, John Shock 1973-1975, Marvin LeMaster 1975-1984, Ted Fleming 1984-1993, Karl Boecker 1993-1996, Ted Fleming 1996-1999, David Kroeckel 1999-2002, Paul Murcko 2002-2005, Dwight Chatham 2005-2012 and Keith Boecker 2012-present.
GM Bargaining Unit Chairmen...Carl Gray 1949-1950, Arnold Schwarze 1950-1952, Howard Schmunck 1952-1953, Delmar Yarrington 1953-1954, Kenneth Blosser 1954-1957, Dave Keliiholokai, Jr. 1957-1959, Robert Rowe 1959-1965, Lemenzo Brooks 1965, Robert Rowe 1956-1966, Kenneth Blosser 1966-1967, Arlo Wagner 1967-1969, Kenneth Blosser 1969-1972, Willie Coleman 1972-1973, Ralph Newman 1973-1975, Freddie Aguilar 1975-1978, James Hammersmith 1978-1984, Norbert Boecker 1984-1990, James Hammersmith 1990-1993, Butch Schlegel 1993-1996, Gary Bertram 1996-2002, Larry Rowe 2002-2005, Grant Muncy 2005-2008, Paul Murcko 2008-2011, Rob Hitchcock 2011-2014, Rob Egnor 2014-present.
50 Years of Solidarity

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