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Celebrate Retirement

Welcome to all UAW Local 211 retirees. We are over 3,600 strong and steadily growing. Most of our retirees worked at General Motors Defiance Powertrain. However, some retired from the other amalgamated units. No matter where they worked, all of our UAW Local 211 retirees are strongly encouraged to participate and to come to the retirement meetings. Our retirees have relocated all across America. But, many still remain in northwest Ohio and surrounding areas.

We will use our online presence to communicate and to stay in contact with our retired brothers and sisters. Not to fear, our retirees will still receive Local 211 News. We will continually update and expand these web pages over time and make improvements based on our retirees ideas and suggestions. The officers of UAW Local 211 retirees will make every effort to make this project successful.

In solidarity, Ted Fleming, Retirees Chairman

Retiree Executive Board
Congratulations to Our Recent Retirees!

Send Messages and Photos to

Ted Fleming

Orville Clark Ivan Burgei

Peggy Sponsler

Ted Fleming
Orville Clark
Vice Chairman
Ivan Burgei
Recording Sec'y.
Peggie Sponsler

Who decides what we pay?

UAW members decide how much union dues will be through our democratically elected local union convention delegates.

Local union dues may be raised only by majority vote at a membership meeting.

In 1967 delegates adopted the principle of dues equivalent to two hours pay per month to be fair to all workers, regardless of how much they are paid. That is still the standard.

Salaried workers pay 1.15 percent of monthly wages—equal to the two hours pay that hourly workers invest.

Rules regarding dues are explained in Articles 16 and 47 of the UAW Constitution.

Retiree Dues

50.35 to the local

44.65 to the international

5* to the strike fund

* Distribution may change depending on
the strike fund balance, as explained on the left

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